Press Release: May 12, 2024

Prayer Calendar: May 12-18

May 12

Pray for Nathan Federwitz as he continues to gain skills through flight training (JAARS). (Prefield Missionary)

MAY 13

Praise and thank God for His faithfulness over 60 years of Lutheran Bible Translators’ translation ministry.

MAY 14

Pray for strategic discussions and work sessions among leaders meeting together.

MAY 15

Pray for those serving in sensitive areas that they will be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord.

May 16

Thank God with Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada for 50 years of ministry!

May 17

Pray Ali Federwitz, member care coordinator, in an encouragement to those with whom she interacts.

may 18

Pray for travel mercies and godly fellowship as Martin and Joan Weber visit partners across Canada.

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