Nathan Federwitz Pilot Training with JAARS – Jungle Aviation and Relay Services

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Missionary Nathan Federwitz has partnered with JAARS, and he is training to become a missionary pilot. Ultimately, his goal is to serve Bible translation programs internationally by providing missionaries with safe and efficient transportation, enabling them to focus on translating God’s Word.

Before entering the field as a qualified pilot, Nathan must meet JAARS’ flight standards and reach 100% ministry funding.

Why are missionary pilots vital to the mission? Ground transportation is extremely difficult or impossible in many locations where Lutheran Bible Translators has Bible Translation programs. Nathan will be transporting missionaries in these contexts so they can safely do God’s work in that region. Nathan will also be transporting other resources like the Bible and literacy materials to reduce barriers that would keep God’s Word from getting into the hands of people worldwide.

About the Missionary

  • Nathan & Sarah Federwitz

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