Press Release: May 10, 2024

Audio Recording Workshop | Tanzania

This past week, Lutheran Bible Translator missionaries, Tiffany Smith and Rob Veith participated in an audio recording workshop in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Audio recording training is an essential skill in the realm of Scripture Engagement. Oral Bible storytelling is becoming a widely used tool to give language communities access to God’s Word while they are waiting for their printed Bibles to be completed. Equipping members of these communities through training in the key knowledge and skills needed to create good quality recordings greatly benefits and expands their efforts to help others engage with God’s Word in meaningful ways.

The group learned how to record voices and instruments at the same time. They were able to practice in real time using different microphone attachments to record songs, stories, readings and, in Tiffany’s words, “…just about anything you can think of.”

A few key benefits of audio recording training include:
Technical Skills: How to use recording equipment and software effectively, not just microphones, but also audio interfaces, editing software, and other tools essential for capturing good quality sound.

Audio Quality: Understanding how to eliminate background noice, optimize microphone placement ,and using appropriate recording techniques for the given environment are vital for communication clarity.

Group Recording: Learning how to balance multiple voices and instruments in a recording session ensures that each sound source is clearly captured and distinguishable. This includes understanding how to position microphones, set levels, and use different recording techniques to avoid garbled sound and interference.

Multimedia Integration: Understanding audio recording builds skills that can be used in other media production like video, podcasts, and interactive content, broadening the scope of what is possible.

Tiffany Smith has worked with Lutheran Bible Translators since February 2021 and moved to Tanzania in January 2023. Bachelors in theology and post-grad certification in language, community and development, she currently works as a Community Engagement specialist and lived in Shinyanga, Tanzania.

Rob Veith has served with Lutheran Bible Translators since 2004 and currently serves as Scripture Engagement Coordinator and Ethnomusicologist. Since 2006, he has assisted in the development of Scripture and worship materials in 14 languages in nine countries.

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