Bible Translation Sunday

Fall 2020

One Day to Celebrate a World of Possibilities!

September 27 is Bible Translation Sunday! Millions around the world will celebrate Bible translation as mission.

Mobilize your church to pray for and support Bible translation:

• Talk to your pastor or board about planning for this special Sunday.

• Promote your activities with a video or bulletin insert. Resources are available at

• Modify worship elements like liturgy, readings, prayers, and hymns to reflect the theme.

• Add graphic elements for the worship slideshow or announcement screen.

• Invite a missionary to visit and share their story.

• Consider another date if it’s more convenient. Bible translation happens all year long!

Hundreds of years ago, the reformation rallied around Luther’s translation of the Bible. Today people still wait for access to God’s word and its power to transform.

Lutheran Bible Translators is one of ten major Bible agencies in the world, serving together with local church and language communities. Join the story and help put God’s word in the hands of all people in a language that speaks to their hearts.

Celebrate! Bible translation equips the church to proclaim the gospel, teach the faith, and care for the community. Share the story! Involve your congregation in this life-changing mission.

Access free resources at

Gola New Testament Launched

The Gola community dedicated the New Testament to nearly 200,000 Gola speakers.

Bible Translation Sunday

One day to celebrate Bible translation!

Sealed in Faith

Finding lost translation work.

Missionary Understanding

Understanding what it means to be a missionary.

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