Press Release: July 6, 2021

A New Generation

To produce a clear and accurate translation in any language requires an understanding of its development, structure, and grammar.

Why is the plural of house houses but the plural of mouse mice? Why is geese the plural of goose but the plural of moose is moose?

Those with a background in linguistics and etymology can explain that it has to do with word origins, word development, abnormal and standard plurals, regular and irregular patterns and something called i-mutation. LBT missionaries serving in translation ministry have such training. They use their knowledge of linguistics (and much more!) to assist translation teams to understand the structure of their own words and languages in order to produce a clear and accurate Bible translation.

Historically, Bible translation projects have been heavily dependent on the availability of trained personnel coming from the U.S. or Europe. Today there is no longer a need for sole reliance on this traditional system. Numerous institutions in Africa and around the world offer training in linguistics and translation studies. There are talented men and women with the desire and capability to serve in language programs in their own countries to bring God’s Word to their people. But they need your help.

Gifts to LBT’s Scholarship Fund aid individuals to receive the education necessary to assume important roles in language programs. Rev. Kierien Ayugha, a past scholarship recipient, is actively involved with translation and Scripture engagement projects in several language communities in Nigeria. He has received an additional scholarship grant that will allow him to pursue PhD. studies.

“I am aware that the coming years are going to be years of rigorous studies. I lean on God to give me what I need to succeed, for I know that the attendant benefits to translation projects in Nigeria and beyond will far exceed the attendant rigors that the research might bring my way. I covet your prayers and support as I take a plunge into these unknown waters, trusting only in God’s direction and sustenance. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know One who does. To LBT and her supporters, for all we have done together, and for all we shall do in future, I am grateful! To God alone be all the glory!”

Your gifts to the scholarship fund sustain the growth of Bible translation projects around the world. Support this new generation of Bible translators. Help God’s Word reach the ends of the earth!

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