In the recent past, lack of educational opportunities and infrastructure made it difficult for indigenous people to gain the skills they needed to maintain their own translation programs. Mission organizations sent translation and literacy workers trained in the U.S. to serve overseas.

Now, there are numerous institutions for training in linguistics, Biblical languages and translation studies in Africa and other locations. This provides people the opportunity to train for translation ministry while staying in their home country or in a nearby region. Graduates of these institutions go on to serve in translation and literacy programs in their own languages. LBT’s scholarship program was created to help fund these individuals’ education.

When trained local personnel are involved, higher quality work is produced in a shorter amount of time. Who better to translate God’s Word in a clear, comprehensible, culturally appropriate manner than one who is part of that culture and considers the language his or her mother tongue?

A number of scholarship recipients have been integral to the advancement of language programs in their countries. There are currently a number of individuals with the desire and capability to serve God and their people. The scholarship fund pays tuition for those individuals who want to receive the formal training needed to administer and serve translation and literacy programs for their heart language group.


Promote local participation and ownership of overseas language programs.  

Provide higher education to qualified candidates to serve in programs within their own language communities.


Translation and literacy programs benefit when advisors and consultants are mother tongue speakers of the language.

God’s Word reaches more people through programs staffed by professionally trained mother tongue speakers.


Give praise for the work being done by past recipients of scholarships awarded by Lutheran Bible Translators.

Pray that interest in advanced training for translation positions increases in language communities in need of God’s Word.

Pray that Lutheran Bible Translators has sufficient funds to assist those desiring to serve in translation ministry among their people.

There are motivated, talented individuals around the world eager to bring God’s Word to their people. They need your help to receive the education and training to serve their language communities through Bible translation.

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