Press Release: August 4, 2020

Worth Every Minute

Shekgalagari speakers with the Gospel of Luke in their language

If you are at all familiar with Bible translation, you know that the process of translating Scripture requires an investment of many years, not to mention labor and expenses. Is it worth it?

Tiffany Smith, who served as an intern with Lutheran Bible Translators in 2019, offers an emphatic “Yes!”

Though her time in Botswana with the Shekgalagari translation team was short, it made a lasting impression. From learning how to shake hands in a culturally appropriate way and learning how to drive on the left, to building relationships and enjoying long church services, every experience was memorable and meaningful. Along the way Tiffany learned the importance of the pain-staking work involved in creating an accurate Bible translation and had her eyes opened to new concepts in understanding Scripture.

Listen to Lutheran Bible Translators’ podcast God’s Presence Everywhere (or listen to it again and share it with others!). You’ll find yourself inspired by Tiffany’s passion and enthusiasm for providing God’s Word to people still waiting for Scripture in their languages.

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