Press Release: November 1, 2012

Why Language Survey? by Rachael Nielsen

The importance of language survey in light of Bible transaltion is not always discussed.  In fact , few may know what language survey entails.  To put it simply, language survey is hands on language research.  It is a preliminary step to translation work and can show where the need for translation is most critical.  By gathering data through a variety of different tools like questionnaires or recorded texts, we can understand how best to begin translating the Word of God into a people group’s heart langauge.  I have had a particular interest in this area of missions and am thrilled to be a part of the language survey project for Sherbro.

Rachael Nielsen is one of LBT’s newest missionaries.  She is planning to move to Sierra Leone next summer to begin language survey work among the Sherbro people. 

Rachael previously served as a Missionary Intern with Ed and Wilma Rupprecht in Nigeria.  You can visit her His Clay Pot blog to learn more about that experience, and sign up to receive future updates as she resumes blogging about missionary work.

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