Press Release: February 5, 2014

Updates by Rev. Linus Otroyni


This last week, Enene and I were busy preparing for the Ogoja Luke Partnership workshop planned to begin on the 3rd of February through the 21st. This preparations involves running around for shopping, contacts and logistic among others.  In the past we normally hire a taxi to help us. However, this time around I was driving my car. We had made several trips with it from the Ogoja town to the workshop venue which is about 5km or so. In the evening when we were returning to my home, a jeep was trying to overtake us recklessly and hit us. We stopped to check our vehicle to see if there is any damage. Thankfully there was no significant damage, just a very minor scratch. The other driver was trying to run away, but when he later discovered that his vehicle was damaged, he stopped. He dragged us to the police station and insisted that we repair his car. Reluctantly we followed him to the station. When we got to the police station, the police told him the truth that it was his recklessness that caused the accident and as such we are not required to repair his car. He added that since we are all road users, if we feel like supporting him for the repair, we could do it. We were happy and surprised that the police could see the truth and say it, especially when we later discovered that the other driver is a policeman. We saw God’s hand it everything. He guided us through.


Ministers’ wives from the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Cross River North Zone, gathered on the first Saturday of this month as they normally do every other month. However, this month’s gathering was different, because besides the normal monthly meeting, they had a seminar during which I was asked to make a presentation on the role of a minister’s wife. The discussion was very lively and interesting. Several challenging and interesting questions were asked and discussed. During the discussion, I pointed out to them that they are co-ministers and team members with their husbands. Some of them were surprised and confused and asked, “What do you mean?” In addition to to other comments, I told them that they can encourage their husbands to promote the use of vernacular scriptures in the church and at home, thereby transforming lives.


Rev. Otronyi is an LBT international associate serving in Nigeria in translation coordination.

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