Press Release: May 24, 2024

Stories from Southeast Asia

One of the local leaders from the *NOLA translation program shared the following story:

“One family from my own village, they are close to my age. The husband had previously heard about God but didn’t believe. His wife didn’t know anything (about God). I had sent an MP3 player with audio scripture stories to my mother. She listened to the Christian songs and the Bible stories and teaching. The farming hut where she would rest from working in the fields was nearby the hut where this couple rested. My mother would turn on the MP3 player every day and the other lady would hear it. She would try to cover her ears, tried to keep from listening to the stories, but ended up hearing them every day. So, she became interested!

She finally asked my mom, “So, what are these stories? What are they about?” So, my mom explained to her and gave her the MP3 player! She took it and listened…and she became interested and started to have faith. So, my mother invited her to church and introduced her to the pastor. The pastor led her to faith in Jesus. Once she believed, she had strong faith and loved God.

So, she started to invite her husband to believe in God, too. He refused her many times, but she did not give up. Eventually, her husband followed her and believed God, too! He was actually baptized just a couple of weeks ago! ”


*Pseudonym used for programs in sensitive areas.

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