Press Release: May 26, 2024

Prayer Calendar: May 26-June 1

May 26

Pray for the Mende translation team and Dr. Jim Kaiser as they meet online this week to check the book of 2 Kings. (Sierra Leone)

MAY 27

Pray God’s guidance and joy on the birthday of Andrea Mitchell, administrative assistant with development in field programs.

MAY 28

Pray for Rev. Ken Bunge assisting with the Aramaic Bible translation program.

MAY 29

Praise God for the gift of another year with Rev. Linus Otronyi on his birthday today. Pray for safety and a continual deepening of his walk with the Lord. (Nigeria)

May 30

Pray for the continuing success of literacy programs among the Khwe in Botswana and Namibia, preparing the way for the panoramic Bible that will be celebrated and distributed this year.

May 31

Pray for the Cameroonian language communities exploring how they can complete their existing translations of New Testaments with full Bible translations. Pray God will cause His Word to be translated on His timetable.

june 1

Pray for good communication between the 20+ organizations participating in the Southern Africa Bible Translation Summit. (Southern Africa)

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