Press Release: March 2, 2021

Say Yes!

A crowd of people eagerly welcomed the missionaries and the start of the translation project.

“Yes, they are ready for literacy classes to open in their communities. Yes, they are ready to learn to read and write. Yes, they are ready and excited to help the project of Bible translation. Yes, they are ready to have a full Bible in their language!”

Due to security issues, I can’t disclose the actual name of this energized and excited language community. We refer to them as the Subula people. The LBT missionaries serving with the Subula translation project report that interest and enthusiasm for having God’s Word in the local language is growing daily.

The Subula community has been actively requesting and preparing for a Bible translation project for almost 10 years. When the missionaries moved into their new home in the Subula area, they had around 100 visitors in the first couple of days. “The people are excited to have us living next door and they want us to feel warmly welcomed!”

More recently, one Subula man told the missionaries, “I want to read and write like my children do and I want to teach them how to read and write in our language.” Another man said, “I will help in any way I can. If you need my bicycle to carry books or Bibles to another village, please come to my house and take it! It is yours!”

As you can see, the Subula are passionate about having God’s Word in their language. They are prepared to do whatever they can to assist with the translation. But they can’t do it alone. They need your help to sustain a comprehensive language program. Say yes! Click here and make Scripture in Subula a reality for this language community.

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