When asked, “Do you really want the Bible in Subula?” the resounding answer was “Yes!”

Widespread interest in Christian Scripture grew among the Subula people in 2012, when an audio version of the Subula New Testament—first published in 1975—became available. The Subula community began to actively seek ways to revise the New Testament and translate the Old Testament. In 2013, a newly formed Subula Bible Translation Committee approached the Department of Translation and Literacy (DTA) of the Cameroon Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC) and Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) for help.

Enthusiasm and support for the project is high among the Subula. They have a renewed pride in their language, so integral to the heart and soul of their culture. With the arrival of LBT missionaries in 2019, the project began in earnest. Initial plans include meetings with Subula church and community leaders, visits to Subula villages, development of an app, construction of a translation and literacy office, and selection and training of translation staff.

In addition to the revision of the New Testament and translation of the Old Testament, Subula literacy primers will be revised in anticipation of restarting a literacy program.


Train 6 new translators in preparation of beginning translation work.

Start the development of literacy materials and literacy classes.


The Subula community is encouraged and energized by the translation project.

More people are learning to read and write through a revitalized literacy program.


Pray for continuing support from the Subula community.

Pray for God’s guidance during the initial stages of the project.

Pray for good relationships and mutual support as the Derricks family begins work among the Subula.

The Subula people have been preparing for their language project for the past several years. You can help facilitate their translation and literacy efforts through prayer and financial support.

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