Press Release: July 13, 2015

Relocation – A Door of Opportunity

Relocation_-_Snyder_v01_WP_ratioRelocation creates an opportunity for deep change.  And this relocation is no exception! We knew that the relocation would create opportunities to become better at our mission – it just wasn’t possible to predict exactly how that would happen.

As we hoped, we are able to outsource non-core activities. And we are outsourcing to people who can perform them in ways we never could. For example, in our new location we are leasing space from a school.  They are managing a larger IT and building infrastructure than we ever did. With that comes an economy of scale we could never achieve. As a result we can focus even better on our core priorities: getting more people involved in Bible translation and reaching more people with the Word of God.doorways concordia

Things are moving forward apace. Our new site is being reconfigured from piano practice rooms to office spaces conducive to LBT’s work. We have obtained a local PO Box (Box 789, Concordia, MO 64020), and been able to work with the local officials to obtain a unique address on the Concordia school campus for parcel delivery (205 S. Main St., Bldg 5, Concordia, MO 64020). God has provided a generous vendor who has offered to help manage missionary newsletter printing and mailing at an at-cost price.  And a unique IT service started just a few months ago that can handle a critical piece of the donor contact management system for our missionaries. Many pieces are coming together to make this move happen well.

I must admit, though, moving is full of emotion.  For those going and for those hosting them in Concordia, this is a season of excitement. For those left behind, this is a season of loss. I have experienced this in my own life on numerous occasions. So do keep us in prayer. Pray that God would keep our focus on the eternal Kingdom of God – on our heavenly home. And pray that as we all do that, we will feel little pain of separation now because the joy of our eventual reunion in heaven will overshadow today’s worries.

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