Press Release: July 6, 2015

On the Move – Part 1

Relocation_-_Rudowske_v01_WP_ratioMost of the current efforts for the LBT relocation are happening in Aurora, Illinois. However, I am already in Concordia, Missouri, as the first staff person to move down here (the lease on our Aurora house ended) and have been working from a temporary office in Biltz Hall on the Saint Paul’s campus for the last month.

Being on campus and in town has allowed my wife and me to host or help facilitate arrangements for fellow LBT staff members who have come to town as they plan their moves later this summer or fall.

My work of helping to support and guide our missionaries in collaboration with our partner organizations has continued in the midst of the transition. The miracles of technology like Skype and social media makes it so easy to stay in touch with folks overseas. From this table in my temporary office I’ve been able to help facilitate printing of Luke in one of our projects in Botswana, assist one of our missionaries in laying groundwork for new projects in Tanzania, and hold meetings with the Aurora based staff to handle transition questions and issues.

We ask for your continued prayer as we make this move to reposition Lutheran Bible Translators to more effectively deploy our resources overseas to help make God’s word accessible for those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts.

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