Press Release: October 22, 2014

Missions on the Move

100_0634As the translation of the Moba New Testament was just beginning in Togo, a group of young Moba men gathered to study for the ministry using materials written in French.  At that time, only portions of Scripture were available in Moba.  The ministry students would refer to the Moba Scriptures to understand what the French translation was saying, proof that their mother tongue spoke to their hearts and heads.  The Moba Scriptures were far more meaningful than the Bible in French!

The Mobo New Testament was dedicated in 2009.  Since then, eight more translations have been completed with the assistance of LBT missionaries.  On November 1, the Komba New Testament will be dedicated in Ghana.  The project is the result of partnership between LBT, the Komba people, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana and several other organizations.

Of course, organizations are made up of individuals, all working for a common purpose.  At LBT, our goal is to help bring God’s Word to those who are not able to read or hear Scripture in their own languages.  To that end, LBT’s staff, missionaries and overseas partners serve in many ways and capacities to assist with translation and Scripture engagement programs.

For example, over the past few months, several missionary families have begun furlough here in the U.S.  Traveling to visit partnering churches and individuals has meant a lot of mileage and lots more great memories as they meet with current and new supporters around the country.  If you are interested in having a missionary speak to your congregation or small group, call 800-532-4253 ext 22 to check availability.

LBT staff has been on the move as well, visiting overseas projects and hosting anniversary dinners here at home.  To find details about our next dinner in Buena Park, California click here.

Staff members have also been busy, planning for dinners, assisting furloughing missionaries, exploring new and better ways to communicate with our partners.  These are just a few of the things we’ve been working on.

Sometimes it seems very mundane.  Answering the phone, printing a prayer letter, talking to people, writing a blog.  But our combined efforts – in the office, on the field, praying for missionaries, supporting LBT financially – all add up to one thing.  People, like the Moba students, having access to God’s Word, able to understand Scripture and apply it to their daily lives.

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