Missiological Imperatives
For the Bible Translation Movement

Imagine a global community of Christians deeply rooted in God’s Word and engaging fully in His mission. We want to see this vision accomplished in this generation!

In pursuit of this vision, five missiological imperatives guide Lutheran Bible Translators. Each imperative is a commitment to those we serve and to you – our prayer partners and donors. With God’s provision and your support, Scripture can reach the remaining 3,750 languages.


  1. Prayer

We commit to persistent, specific, faith-building, and unified prayer.


  1. Data Informed Decisions

We commit to authentic dialogue informed by data to make decisions in resource mobilization and mission implementation strategy.


  1. Mission Driven Funding

We commit to developing and cultivating a resource mobilization strategy that is focused on ministry outcomes.


  1. Radically Broaden Involvement

We commit to identifying opportunities for growth and removing unnecessary barriers to mission participation in Bible translation ministry.


  1. Alignment with the Church

We commit to fostering interdependent mission partnership domestically and internationally by understanding and valuing the mission objectives of our partners.


Achieving the Vision

Rich Rudowske, executive director + CEO, shares the missiological imperatives of Lutheran Bible Translators. Listen in at lbt.org/ep81-imperatives.