Press Release: March 1, 2018

March 2018

  1. Pray for Lisa Beckendorf (Botswana) as she homeschools her kids.
  2. Pray for Amy Formella as she engages in language and culture learning and builds relationships in Sierra Leone.
  3. Praise God for the joy that Mike Kuhn is experiencing in the translation process among the Nizaa in Cameroon.
  4. Praise God for Elliott and Serena Derricks as they are commissioned today. Pray they will prioritize well and have times of refreshment in their final weeks before their departure to Cameroon.
  5. Pray that many Ipili people (Papua New Guinea) will listen to the Ipili Scriptures.
  6. Pray for the Komba translation team as they meet for consultant checking. May God give guidance and energy to all during the checking.
  7. Pray for LBT International Associate Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha and his classes as he teaches in the Linguistics and Translation Department of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria.
  8. Pray for new project work being developed in Ethiopia, Southeast Asia, and Madagascar.
  9. Praise God for the willingness of Yougouda Bah and pray for his efforts to relaunch literacy classes among the Nizaa in Cameroon.
  10. Pray for Levi and Hannah (Ghana) as they work hard at school and anticipate a return to the U.S. for furlough.
  11. Pray for Nathan Esala (Ghana) as he collects memories of people’s first experiences with the Bible in the Komba area as part of his PhD research.
  12. Pray for Lydia and her family as they travel to their new home in Cameroon.
  13. Pray for Paul Federwitz (Ghana) as he leads a workshop on project management using Bible translation software.
  14. Pray for those who are attending a training conference on scripture engagement technology at the end of March.
  15. Pray for Anthony Greff as he uses his skills to help LBT promote their mission so more people can be engaged in God’s Word in their heart language.
  16. Pray for a Southeast Asia team as it holds training events on how to use a newly published Genesis Sunday school curriculum.
  17. Pray for Nickie Wilson and Marlis Norton as they prepare to take up their roles on LBT’s Board of Directors.
  18. Praise God for Linda Gari whose behind the scenes work communicates the mission of LBT to others.
  19. Pray for the Grulke family as they finish partnership development and prepare to deploy to Botswana.
  20. Pray for the Nsenga language community and churches in Zambia as they engage with God’s Word in the published New Testament and work continues in Old Testament translation.
  21. Pray for the Mbe and One language communities of Nigeria as they move forward with New Testament translation.
  22. Pray for adult missionary kids who are transitioning to new jobs or schools–that God will provide the support they need.
  23. Praise God that Alvina Federwitz is finding natural remedies to decrease severe, chronic back pain. Pray for further insights.
  24. Pray for the Ipili team (Papua New Guinea) as they do final work on Genesis to prepare it to be recorded.
  25. Praise God for the service of Judy Krause, LBT’s accounting assistant.
  26. Pray for the Grulke kids as they process all the changes taking place in their lives as they prepare to move to Botswana.
  27. Pray for the Lord to raise up workers for the harvest field to fill the many personnel needs that LBT partners are requesting.
  28. Pray for the faculty and staff of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, partners in ministry with LBT to prepare missionaries for service in Bible translation and scripture engagement.
  29. Pray for translation and scripture engagement in areas where our partners are persecuted for their faith.
  30. Pray for the Lutheran church in the Kwanja language community (Cameroon) that the lectionaries newly available in the mother tongue will be the catalyst for deeper engagement with scriptures.
  31. Praise God for the enthusiasm of a Sunday school training team in Southeast Asia who hopes to reach 90 churches with training and on-going follow-up this year.

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