Press Release: January 18, 2022

Let There Be Light!

How many times a day do you switch on the lights? It’s such an automatic gesture you probably don’t even consciously think about it.

For those serving on the mission field, electricity on demand is not a sure thing. During a visit to Liberia a few years ago, Dr. Becky Grossmann was sitting in the dark at a guesthouse. She knew the generator that powered the building often needed repair, and since the lights weren’t on, and she couldn’t hear the generator, she assumed the generator wasn’t working. Then someone came and flipped on the light switch, explaining that the house now ran on solar power.

“The solar lights were already working and available,” said Becky. “But until I knew about them, they did me no good.” Likewise, without the knowledge of Jesus—the Light of the world—and His saving Word, people will not benefit. Many still sit in the dark, not even aware that “solar lighting” is possible—that the dawn of righteousness can shine in the darkest parts of their lives and communities.

Literacy training by flashlight

Turning on a light switch is a simple thing. But it takes a series of power stations, junction boxes and wiring to deliver electricity safely to our homes—after it’s been generated at a power station by generators that are fueled by combustion, nuclear fission, flowing water, or wind. It takes a multitude of skilled people to make this happen.

Making electricity accessible to people is a complex process. So is translating God’s Word so people can hear, read, and understand it through Scripture in their own languages. It takes translators, exegetes, managers, and IT experts. It takes partnership between individuals and organizations, missionaries and translation teams, each providing their time and talents, prayers and financial contributions.

To paraphrase an old hymn, when we turn our eyes and look at Jesus, the light of His glory and grace overshadows the things of this earth. The millions of people without access to Scripture in their language can’t see the glory and grace. They’re caught up in an endless cycle of spiritual darkness punctuated by uncertainty, fear, and misunderstanding.

Physical darkness is an impediment to human eyes. Spiritual darkness is an impediment to our souls. Thank you for helping bring the Light eternal into the lives of those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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