Press Release: June 4, 2015

Just Like Pentecost

Rev. John BundorRev. John Bundor is the Volunteer Literacy Coordinator for the Kissi Literacy Program at The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL), a partner of LBT in Sierra Leone. Rev. Bundor is also a pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone, currently serving in Buedu, Sierra Leone. The following is an excerpt from a recent report.

Who are they?

It happened to them just like it happened on the Pentecost day. On December 13, 2013, our learners, teachers and denominational heads were marching with banners and uniforms around the center of town. Many people were asking these questions: Who are they? Are they not our people? What has happened to them?Kisi parade

The townspeople were so surprised seeing these people marching in black and white clothes and proclaiming the gospel of Christ in our native language. How could these people be proclaiming Christ so boldly? They haven’t gone to school and learned English. Aren’t they completely illiterate? They don’t have any education!

But here they are reading the Bible in Kissi. It was a strange thing to the townspeople.

After that amazing demonstration, a lot of people joined the classes when we re-opened the literacy centers.

listening to KisiReflections on the effects of literacy

Bible translation together with literacy teaching allows indigenous leaders to emerge who are then able to provide leadership to the rural churches.

Literacy classes in our own language reduces the high rate of illiteracy in a community and helps Christians to build their faith on a strong foundation.

The Kissi literacy project has become a sharpening stone to sharpen a blunt sword in our community.

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