Press Release: January 1, 2018

January 2018

  1. Pray for Fani Mwale, Rev. Enoch Nkhoma, and the Nsenga Full Bible project team in Zambia.
  2. Pray for Amy Formella and the Mende translation team in Sierra Leone.
  3. Pray for Iantha Scheiwe, Eshinee Veith, and the Concordia Mission Institute summer conference planning team.
  4. Pray for Executive Development Officer Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo and his ministry of sharing the vision of Bible translation.
  5. Pray for LBT’s gift records team as they finish end of year gift processing: Charlotte Brandt, Maya Rudowske, Kathy Knipmeyer.
  6. Praise God for the life-giving ministry that Karen Tessaro (Nigeria) provides by God’s grace.
  7. Pray for LBT staff members and their families as they attend the Mission Training International conference in Colorado. May God bless them during this time of reflection and growth.
  8. Praise God for the ministry of Rev. John and Maila Davies working in multiple language communities of Papua New Guinea.
  9. Pray for LBT’s Information Technology Coordinator, Paul Federwitz, as he works with partners in Ghana.
  10. Pray that Josephine Derricks will feel secure and loved throughout all the changes taking place as her family makes preparations to move to Cameroon.
  11. Pray for Jim and Susan Kaiser as they return to Ethiopia. Jim will be continuing his work as a translation consultant with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus.
  12. Praise God for scripture songs newly available in the !Xoon language of Botswana.
  13. Pray for Pastor Mandita and the Ipili translation team in Papua New Guinea.
  14. Praise God for the volunteer ministries of Cindy Rodewald and Ruth Snyder.
  15. Pray for Alvina Federwitz in her service as adjunct missionary assisting LBT’s executive development officer.
  16. Pray that the missionaries and staff attending the West Africa retreat in Cameroon will be enriched, strengthened, and renewed by their fellowship (16th-21st).
  17. Pray for Rev. Salim Attisha, Rev. Ken Bunge, and the Chaldean translation team in the United States, that their work would be a source of comfort and peace to the Chaldean Christian Community displaced from Iraq.
  18. Pray for Jim Laesch as he meets with partners and missionaries in Botswana.
  19. Pray for Elliot and Serena Derricks (Cameroon) as they present at the LBT Board Meeting Mission Dinner in Tucson, AZ.
  20. Pray for LBT’s board of directors as they meet together this weekend that they will have fruitful discussions and informed decision making.
  21. Pray for the Mann translation team in Liberia.
  22. Pray for David Federwitz (Ghana), regional director for West Africa, as he guides missionaries, builds and maintains partnerships, and provides support for those under his care.
  23. Pray for International Associate Rev Kierien Ayugha and his ministry at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN).
  24. Pray that the attendees of the cultural dinner event at Concordia University Irvine will be blessed with insightful dialogue and gain the vision of God’s Word for every language.
  25. Pray for Deaconess Pontsho Mosweu, Tshwaraganang Tjetjoo, and the Shekgalagari translation team in Botswana.
  26. Pray for Rev. David Setiyee, executive director of the Liberian Translation and Literacy Organization (LIBTRALO).
  27. Pray that Aaron and Andrew Beckendorf (Botswana) make a strong start to their homeschool year and grow both academically and spiritually (both are doing confirmation this year).
  28. Pray for the Fali language community of Cameroon that the Holy Spirit will prepare their hearts to receive his word in their mother tongue.
  29. Pray for Micah Federwitz (Ghana) as he perseveres in his school work and is a great brother, son, and friend.
  30. Pray for helpful partnership dialogue to develop with the Federation of Lutheran Churches in Myanmar.
  31. Pray for Carsten Hilbert (Botswana) as he adjusts to life in the United States.

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