Press Release: September 14, 2021

Share this Word of God!

The Kerewe team is excited about the new app.

“We don’t want to hide this great work in an office somewhere,” said Rev. Oscar Lema. “Let us get out into the community and share this Word of God with everyone!”

Rev. Lema is the Translation Program Supervisor and Chief Strategist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. He’s excited to see the progress being made on the New Testament translation for the Kerewe people of Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria.

The Kerewe project is still in its early stages. Translation team members continue to refine their skills through training in translation principles and software. But great things are already happening. The team is working on a small publication that will make the Kerewe translations of Jonah, Luke, and Acts available to the community. In addition to the print version, these translations will be put into a Scripture app so people will be able to read and listen to God’s Word in Kerewe on their phones.

It’s a great beginning, and the team hopes to encourage more local interest and participation. Plans are to visit one or two churches a month to share about the translation work. The support of local pastors and congregations will vitalize the project after a COVID challenged year. As LBT missionary Rev. Andrew Olson reports, there are already encouraging signs. “Inviting a team member for a meal or lending us chairs for an event are small gestures, but they are indicative of a warm reception by local churches.”

One of the Kerewe translators recently commented that it is sweet to read Scripture in his own language. He and the team are committed to sharing that experience.You can help! Click here to learn more.

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