Press Release: May 1, 2018

May 2018

  1. Pray for the LBT board and leadership as they meet together in Concordia MO this week.
  2. Praise God that translation teams in Liberia were able to receive training in April to expand their skills.
  3. Pray for strong teamwork as the Mbe and Obe teams (Nigeria) meet for a translation and drafting workshop.
  4. Pray for those attending the LBT annual mission dinner as they hear reports and celebrate what God has done.
  5. Pray for those who are attending a debriefing session next week to help them process their time in Africa and adjustment to the U.S.
  6. Pray for the Grulke family as they meet new friends and co-workers and adjust to life in Botswana.
  7. Praise God for the Yala (Nigeria) checking sessions that took place in April that checked the book of Psalms.
  8. Pray that the teaching that Rev. Kierien Ayugha does at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria will bear fruit for future Bible translation efforts in Nigeria.
  9. Pray for those planning the programming for missionary kids at LBT’s mission event this July.
  10. Praise God for Maria Brutkiewicz’s support of the mission of LBT through her administration skills.
  11. Pray for wisdom, faith, and stamina for Mike Rodewald, LBT’s executive director, as he leads LBT.
  12. Pray for good health and joy-filled friendships for the Kuhn kids in Cameroon.
  13. Pray for Tim Beckendorf (Botswana) and Becky Grossmann (Liberia) as they attend sessions for their doctorate work at Gordon Conwell Seminary through the 25th.
  14. Pray for the Grulke kids (Botswana) as they start at their new school tomorrow.
  15. Pray for those serving in sensitive areas of the world.
  16. Pray for Janet Borchard (PNG) as she continues to learn how to better manage stress.
  17. Pray for a productive yet renewing furlough for Ali Federwitz and her whole family (Ghana).
  18. Pray for Eshinee and Rob Veith as they spend a couple weeks in Botswana wrapping up final logistical details from living there 10 years, orient the Grulkes, and meet with partners.
  19. Praise God that four Ogoja languages (Nigeria) received the Gospel of Luke in audio, print, and audio-visual format during March. Pray that the communities will work with Rev. Linus Otronyi and others for optimum Scripture engagement.
  20. Pray for LBT’s missionary kids – that they will be rooted and grounded in Christ and know how much He loves them.
  21. Pray for the Ikwerre translation team (Nigeria) as they meet with Chuck Tessaro beginning tomorrow to work on Psalms and Proverbs.
  22. Praise God for the services of Angela Tayloe who helps LBT in the area of accounting.
  23. Praise God for His grace for Joan Weber who has been able to continue working, despite substantial vision loss over the past 12 years. Pray for health and healing as she struggles with the filaria manifestation that affects her vision and stamina.
  24. Pray for Rich Rudowske as he meets with new missionaries and partner churches and organizations through the end of this month in Botswana.
  25. Pray for Mike Kuhn (Cameroon) as he casts vision and advises the translation work for the Nizaa people.
  26. Praise God for the successful Scripture engagement work in the Bokyi language community of Nigeria.
  27. Pray for insights, stamina, and patience for the Derricks family as they learn the language and culture in their new home of Cameroon.
  28. Pray for Ken Bunge as he advises the Chaldean (Iraq) translation work that is taking place in the Chaldean community in Michigan.
  29. Praise God for the energy, experience, and skills of Rev. Linus Otronyi who coordinates translation work in Cross River State, Nigeria.
  30. Pray for creativity and fun for Emily Wilson as she engages with people who are interested in serving the Lord through Bible translation.
  31. Pray for those who will be attending the Crossroads LBT discovery trip in mid-June – that they will sense God’s direction in their lives and learn more about Bible translation work.

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