Press Release: March 1, 2019

March 2019

  1. Pray for grace and spiritual refreshing as Lisa Beckendorf serves the Lord in Botswana.
  2. Pray for Levi Federwitz (Ghana) to develop his skills in soccer and for creativity in robotics.
  3. Pray that LIBTRALO’s new building will be a blessing for literacy and Bible translation in Liberia.
  4. Pray for Tilahun Mendedo as he travels in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone to gain a better understanding of projects for which he is raising support.
  5. Pray for mutual encouragement and learning between LBT and the Bible Societies it partners with in other countries.
  6. Pray that computers used to accomplish Bible translation work will be protected and used for God’s glory.
  7. Pray for Rob Veith as he travels to Kosovo and Namibia to facilitate Scripture engagement workshops.
  8. Pray for progress to be made in the Kukele project (Nigeria) and that the right people will be involved in its work.
  9. Pray for continued growth of faith and maturity for Micaiah Grossmann.
  10. Pray for peace and safe travels as Yala checking takes place March 11-22 in Nigeria.
  11. Pray for fruitful discussions as Bible agencies meet together at the Language Program Coordination Forum (Nigeria).
  12. Thank God for 4 years of life for Lydia Derricks and pray that she will continue to love and enjoy living in Cameroon.
  13. Pray for open hearts as Tilahun Mendedo encourages God’s people to support Bible translation work.
  14. Pray for those sharing about LBT’s Bible translation ministry at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.
  15. Pray that the proclaimers and projectors from the Bible Society of Nigeria will be used to reach out to more people.
  16. Pray for Becky Grossmann as she does translation checking with the Dan and Maan teams in Liberia this month.
  17. Praise God that Emmanuel Mananyina has joined the Kolibitrap team as translator (Ghana).
  18. Pray for missionary kid Selah Olson as she and her family prepare to move to Tanzania.
  19. Pray for clarity for the videographer who is in Sierra Leone to document the importance of mother-tongue literacy.
  20. Pray for the meetings taking place in Sierra Leone as the regional director meets with team members there.
  21. Pray for Joan Weber and Jerome as they work on the Ndung lectionary (Cameroon).
  22. Pray that Hannah Federwitz (Ghana) will have confidence and joy in who she is as she matures.
  23. Pray for the Themne translation project and Ruthie Wagner (Sierra Leone) as she advises the team in drafting and checking the text and trains in computer, software, and translation practices.
  24. Pray for perseverance and wisdom for Alfred and Pastor Tshell Paul as they translate and check the Vute´ lectionary (Cameroon).
  25. Pray for wisdom for Paul Federwitz as he manages technology in LBT and how to utilize it well to track LBT programs accurately.
  26. Praise God that Mary Jane Grulke (Botswana) loves her school and is thriving there.
  27. Pray that the 6 translation teams in the Luke Partnership Ikom Cluster (Nigeria) will make progress during workshops taking place through May so they can have print, audio, and audio-visual versions of Luke.
  28. Pray for safe travel and a successful meeting of the Forum of Bible Translation Consultants in Nigeria as they consider best practices and how to encourage further consultant development.
  29. Pray for wisdom as LBT missionaries working in a sensitive area in Southeast Asia add administration roles to their work, engage in language learning, and develop mother-tongue materials for Exodus.
  30. Pray for Nathan Esala as he prepares for translation consulting in Ghana in April.
  31. Pray for Becky Grossmann (Liberia) as she juggles multiple responsibilities.

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