Press Release: February 3, 2015

Komba New Testament Recording Begins!

Celebrating the Komba New Testament dedication in Tamale, Ghana


LBT partnered translation makes way for Jesus Film

The Likɔɔnl (Komba) New Testament was dedicated in Ghana in November 2014. On that same day, the Jesus Film in Likɔɔnl was debuted. Although LBT had little to do with the Jesus Film project, it was only possible because the Gospel of Luke had been translated (the Jesus Film borrows heavily from the Gospel of Luke). If you are interested in seeing the Jesus Film in Likɔɔnl, follow this link: (The language title on the website takes out the special characters so the language is spelled, Likoonl).

Audio recording begins this week

We are very excited to let you know that this week, recording of the Likɔɔnl (Komba) New Testament will begin. LBT is one of several organizations involved in making this recording a reality. A group that has recorded over 300 New Testaments, Theovision, will send technicians to do the recording. OneWay Ministries out of Aurora, Illinois, is covering all the related expenses.

Please pray!

We expect that it will take 3-4 weeks of long days to complete the multi-voice recording. We ask that you please pray for this process. Before any recording can be done, the Christian churches in the area have to identify the right people to be voice actors. Pray that God would give them wisdom to know who to choose so they will be ready for recording over the next few weeks. Also, pray that all the recording equipment will work properly and everyone involved will remain healthy during the process. By having the Likɔɔnl New Testament recorded many more Likɔɔnl speakers will have access to the Word of God in their language. We are thrilled about this and praise God for what He is doing among the Bikɔɔm (Komba) people.


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