Press Release: June 1, 2018

June 2018

  1. Pray that God would bless the equipping efforts for translation work that have taken place among the Kerewe community in Tanzania.
  2. Praise God for the talent and experience of Eshinee Veith that is helping her effectively equip LBT personnel for their various roles.
  3. Pray for the six language programs participating in the Ikom Luke Partnership workshop June 4-22 in Nigeria.
  4. Praise God for the opportunities that Josh and Ruthie Wagner have had to share with partners about Bible translation and Scripture engagement work in Sierra Leone.
  5. Praise God that Michael Ersland’s parents can visit his Ghana home and project during this month. Pray for a great experience.
  6. Pray for Hannah Brown as she expands her partner base so she can return to Sierra Leone to support the Wagner family who are doing Bible translation.
  7. Praise God for a fruitful checking session of Psalms with the Yala project (Nigeria).
  8. Pray for growth and wisdom as Rev. Linus Otronyi does mentor checking with Dr. Katy.
  9. Pray for Paul and Ali Federwitz as they reconnect with friends and family during their home assignment in the U.S.
  10. Pray that there would be greater ownership in the translation process among the Maan people in Liberia.
  11. Praise God for Sunday school curriculum and other materials that are blessing the churches in the Khon language area. Pray they will bear fruit.
  12. Pray for the recording process of Genesis 11 through 50 for the Ipili team in Papua New Guinea.
  13. Pray for safety and a good experience for those participating on the LBT career exploration trip (Crossroads) taking place in Nigeria June 13-30.
  14. Pray that another cluster of language groups in the Ikom area (Nigeria) would be mobilized for involvement in the translation of Luke.
  15. Pray for Michael Megahan as he does translation checking with the Khwedam translation team in Botswana.
  16. Pray for the Maan translation team (Liberia) as they apply learning received during an education program in Kenya.
  17. Pray for good friendships, adjustments to their new school, and cultural adaptation for the Grulke kids (Botswana).
  18. Pray for Melissa Schweigert as she attends a human resource conference in Chicago this week.
  19. Pray for Becky Grossmann (Liberia) as she undertakes project planning and goal setting on top of the linguistic analysis she is doing on three languages.
  20. Pray for the Beckendorfs (Botswana) as they travel to Namibia for eye and dentist appointments as well as for some R&R.
  21. Praise God for the many ways that Elijah Wagner (Sierra Leone) is learning and growing.
  22. Pray for uneventful travels as Alvina Federwitz reconnects with family and attends LBT business during the next month.
  23. Pray for the final planning for LBT’s annual conference, the Concordia Mission Institute, taking place in July.
  24. Pray for safe travels and good partnerships for Andrew and Alexis Olson as they make presentations about service with LBT.
  25. Pray for the Derricks family as they engage in language learning and learn the skills for living in Cameroon.
  26. Pray that the translated Scriptures would be a powerful resource for churches to have sound teaching and to be equipped to deal with false teaching.
  27. Pray for opportunities for the Dan translation team (Liberia) to meet with each other and with the review committee to advance their work.
  28. Pray for the strong community partnerships within LBT language programs.
  29. Pray for Aletheia Grossmann and other missionary kids who are preparing to go away to college for the first time.
  30. Praise God for the life and ministry of Jo Ann Megahan.

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