Press Release: July 1, 2018

July 2018

  1. Pray for wisdom for Rev. John Donkoh as he is installed as president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (an LBT partner).
  2. Pray for Andrew Olson as he studies linguistics in North Dakota to prepare for Bible translation work.
  3. Pray for abundant provision for missionary kids who are earning money and applying for scholarships to pay for college.
  4. Pray for good health for Katie Hogan and Melissa Schweigert as the delivery dates of their babies draw close.
  5. Pray for missionary kids as they build relationships with peers and share Christ’s love in word and deed.
  6. Pray for Andrew and Alexis Olson as they share about their future Bible translation work to develop a strong prayer and financial support base.
  7. Pray for missionaries who are traveling to the mission conference being held in Concordia, MO July 8-14.
  8. Concordia Mission Institute (CMI), LBT’s annual equipping event and retreat, begins today. Pray for a blessed week for all the participants, volunteers, presenters, and coordinators.
  9. Pray for Isaiah Wagner (Sierra Leone) as he deals with the instability of furlough travel and that he would find comfort in His Father’s care.
  10. Pray for all those who are facilitating sessions at CMI – for clear communication, technology that works, and wisdom to help meet the needs of those attending.
  11. Pray for Missionary Kids attending CMI -that they will have fun, gain insight and skills for their lives, and connect in meaningful ways with each other.
  12. Pray for Josiah Federwitz (Ghana) as he celebrates another year of life.
  13. Pray for Nathan Esala (Ghana) as he writes his dissertation and advises the Komba translation project.
  14. Pray that the skills, relationship building, and refreshment received during CMI will enable those in LBT to serve with joy.
  15. Praise God for the impact that the new language video series “God Provides” is having in Southeast Asia.
  16. Pray for wisdom for how to effectively distribute Scripture engagement resources in Southeast Asia.
  17. Pray for grace for Susan Kaiser (Ethiopia) as she nurtures her garden, relationships, her spiritual life, and Amharic language abilities.
  18. Pray for wisdom, good health, protection, and grace for Linus Otronyi (Nigeria) as he oversees multiple translation projects.
  19. Praise God for the successful dedication of Scripture materials in Abanglekuo (Nigeria).
  20. Pray for healing for our colleagues in Southeast Asia and their family members who have been dealing with on-going health issues.
  21. Pray for Janet Borchard as she advises the Ipili project in Papua New Guinea, especially as she deals with anxiety issues.
  22. Pray for safety, good health, and wisdom for Jim Kaiser as he travels and serves as a consultant in multiple translation projects in Ethiopia.
  23. Pray for the Komba translation team (Ghana) as they try to adjust the project so that the Old Testament can be completed more quickly.
  24. Pray for Emily Wilson, LBT’s mission mobilization coordinator, as she attends the Higher Things Conference.
  25. Pray for the Ikwerre team (Nigeria) as they work to get Psalms and Proverbs into a publishable format.
  26. Summertime is often full of transitions for missionaries. Pray for God’s grace through the many changes that LBT missionaries are facing.
  27. Praise God for the Scripture engagement training that took place in Southeast Asia. Pray that it will be effectively used in the churches there.
  28. Give thanks for the productive meetings that the Tarok language committee (Nigeria) had with stakeholders to discuss the writing system and other issues.
  29. Pray for Jeannie Peterson as she advances the work of Bible translation through her support role at the head office.
  30. Pray that Andrew Beckendorf (Botswana) will thrive at learning and for guidance for his mom who plans curriculum and teaches him.
  31. Praise God for the gifts that Judy Krause provides in the accounting department at LBT’s home office.


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