Press Release: September 8, 2020

Developing Resources, Growing Faith

Vuté people gather for the New Testament dedication in 2007.

Think about your last worship experience. Were there lessons? A sermon? Hymns? Adult and child Bible study books or pamphlets?

These Scripture based materials have been familiar to many of us since childhood. And new resources are developed on a regular basis.

Now consider how long Scripture has been available in the language you understand best. Most likely for hundreds of years. More than long enough for scholars, pastors and teachers to develop a multitude of options to help you study and grow in your faith.

Though the New Testament has been available to the Vuté people of Cameroon since 2007, Vuté Christians lack many of the resources we utilize during worship. As interest in individual and corporate worship continues to grow, liturgies, songs and other materials in the Vuté language will provide a deeper level of connection as people read, hear and sing about God.

Click here to read more and find out how you can put these resources in the hands of the Vuté people.

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