Press Release: December 1, 2018

December 2018

  1. Pray for God’s blessings upon HR manager Melissa Schweigert as she celebrates her first birthday as a new mother.
  2. Pray for Rev. Claude Houge as he teaches JoyAnna and Micah Federwitz in Ghana.
  3. Pray for Martin Weber and SIL Wycliffe colleagues as they train new translation revisers and possible translators for the Dowayo and Fali languages in a northern city in Cameroon.
  4. Pray for Rhoda Houge as she joins Rev. Claude Houge in teaching after being delayed in the States. Praise God for their son’s successful surgery and continued healing.
  5. Pray that Isaac Esala will keep asking important questions to grow in his understanding of God and the world he lives in.
  6. Pray for Josh and Ruthie Wagner and family as they return to Sierra Leone to serve in the Themne Bible Translation Program.
  7. Pray for continued strength for Tim Beckendorf as the healing process continues from his accident in September.
  8. Pray for Elliot and Serena Derricks and family as they meet Fali people in the Fali homeland in Cameroon. Pray for the new relationships and for wisdom to choose a good future home for their family.
  9. Pray for the Bible Society of Nigeria end to end workshop in Calabar involving Yala, Bokyi, Ejagham and Efik languages.
  10. Pray that Bill and Freda Klassen have a good experience in Cameroon as they encourage the builders finishing the Bible House in Ngaoundere, a center for translators and church workers.
  11. Pray for Becky Grossmann as she prepares to give her doctoral defense on December 12.
  12. Prayers of thanksgiving for Judah Grulke and a great kindergarten year in Botswana.
  13. Pray for wisdom and patience for Jim Laesch and Rev. David Federwitz as they support missionaries and juggle the responsibilities of directing Bible translation work in many countries.
  14. Praise God for the continued work of IT Coordinator Paul Federwitz, who serves in West Africa but provides technology support to missionaries and staff worldwide.
  15. Pray for the Bible translation projects that are struggling due to personnel and training needs.
  16. Pray for the applicants for Crossroads Ethiopia, as well as missionary applicants, that God may grant them wisdom in discerning their calling.
  17. Pray for Valerie Federwitz as she prepares to return home for the holidays with her children and as they finalize things at St Paul for the semester.
  18. Praise God for Joan Weber’s decades of service in West Africa and pray that she continues to have good health.
  19. Pray for Serena Derricks as she spends her first birthday and Christmas in Cameroon.
  20. Pray that mother tongue Scripture will be shared in readings and songs and will encourage believers during the African Church Christmas conventions.
  21. Pray for Josiah Wagner’s adjustment to being three, moving back to Sierra Leone, and adjusting to another home and set of friendships.
  22. Praise God for the dedication of the staff of LBT Gift Records and pray that they will have renewed energy during the busy holiday and end of the year time.
  23. Pray for the Grulke and Derricks families who are celebrating Christmas for the first time in Africa.
  24. Pray for wisdom and strength for Josh Wagner as he and Ruthie lead their family through the transition of life back in Sierra Leone.
  25. We give thanks to God for sending His son, Jesus Christ, as we celebrate His birth.
  26. Pray for guidance and creative solutions for the executive leadership team as they prepare for 2019 and the years ahead.
  27. Pray for Eshinee Veith and Iantha Scheiwe as they prepare for the Concordia Mission Institute 2019.
  28. Praise God for the servant’s heart of Kathy Knipmeyer as she serves in Gift Records.
  29. Pray for Emily Wilson, mission mobilization coordinator, as she plans for spring semester travels to share about ministry opportunities.
  30. Join us in giving thanks to God for a fruitful 2018 and pray that God will continue to bless the work of Bible translation in the new year.
  31. Pray for Mical Hilbert as she continues to guide herself and her children through a successful transition of living state side.

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