Press Release: December 1, 2017

December 2017

  1. Pray for the Dowayo team in Cameroon to break through barriers, gain momentum, and make progress in translating the Year B lectionary in 2018 with the goal of finishing the first third by mid-December.
  2. Pray for Rev. Gabriel Tsuaneng, Baseki Tema, Ofentse Marapung, and the translation teams in Botswana.
  3. Pray that God would bless Mission Mobilization Coordinator Emily Wilson with good connections as she prepares for the spring 2018 recruitment schedule.
  4. Pray for Ali Federwitz (Ghana) as she attends a workshop for end-of-term debriefing for children and families.
  5. Pray for Isaac (missionary kid) to continue to hunger for God’s Word in this season of life.
  6. Pray for Concordia Mission Institute coordinator Iantha Scheiwe and LBT training coordinator Eshinee Veith as they work together in summer conference planning.
  7. Pray for Rev. Tim & Lisa Beckendorf and their ministry among the Khwe community of Botswana and South Africa.
  8. Pray for LBT work in sensitive areas that the Gospel may have free course among the communities with whom we partner.
  9. Pray for LBT Associate Director for Program Ministries Jim Laesch as he guides prefield missionary families in preparation for service overseas.
  10. Pray for the nation of Papua New Guinea and the work of missionaries Janet Borchard and John & Maila Davies.
  11. Pray for associate missionary Danny Deloach as he works with regional teams on missiological aspects of Bible translation program planning.
  12. Pray for Judah (missionary kid) to continue to grow strong in body, mind, and spirit.
  13. Praise God for Charlotte Brandt, Kathy Knipmeyer, and Maya Rudowske who support LBT missionaries and program partners in the gift records department.
  14. Praise God for Paul Federwitz’s (Ghana) patience and problem solving prowess as he supports LBT’s missionaries and staff in the area of computer support.
  15. Pray for missionary kids as they celebrate this Christmas, that wherever they find themselves, with family or with “adopted family,” they will find ways to share their lives in meaningful ways.
  16. Pray for Michael Ersland, Rev. Nathan Esala, Wajak James, Bilafanim Samson, and Sumani Elisha as they work together on the Komba Old Testament (Ghana).
  17. Praise God for the generosity of LBT volunteers, prayer warriors, and financial partners in 2017.
  18. Praise God for Joan Weber’s passion and hard work to see God’s Word transform the lives of those in Cameroon.
  19. Pray for Serena Derricks to be able to abide in Christ well as she prepares to move to Cameroon while also balancing her roles as wife, mom, daughter, and friend.
  20. Pray for Barbara Beermann as she puts the finishing touches on support materials for the upcoming LBT Board of Directors meeting.
  21. Pray that Josiah (missionary kid) will know God’s great love through all circumstances.
  22. Pray for the new Program Ministries Assistant, Katie Hogan, as she supports missionaries and program partners from the Concordia office.
  23. Pray for the Webers to have a rich family time with their son and his family (including grandkids!) in Cameroon during the holiday.
  24. Praise God for His provision for the Wagner family (Sierra Leone). Pray for them as they attend to family needs and connect with partners during the next months in the U.S.
  25. Rejoice that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
  26. Pray for the !Xoon, Chikuhane, and Tsoa language communities of Botswana – still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language.
  27. Pray for Jon and Carol Shaneyfelt who support Bible translation by supplying electrical power systems for translation teams located in places without adequate electricity sources.
  28. Pray for wisdom, protection in travels, excellent communication, and joy for Rev. Rich Rudowske as he leads the international programs in LBT.
  29. Praise God for the support team He has raised up for the Derricks family and all the ways He has equipped Elliot and Serena to serve in Cameroon with the Fali starting early 2018.
  30. Pray for the Rob Veith and the Khoekhoekowab team in Namibia as they make preparations for New Testament recording in 2018.
  31. Pray for Mical Hilbert (Botswana) as she looks to the Lord for His guidance day by day.

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