Press Release: August 1, 2018

August 2018

  1. Pray for Valerie Federwitz as she packs and prepares her family for their return to Ghana.
  2. Pray for the Grulke kids as they finish their first school term and continue to adjust to life in Botswana.
  3. Pray that the Derricks family would gain knowledge, skills, and relationships as they participate in an orientation program in Cameroon.
  4. Pray for Tim Miller as he supports literacy and Scripture engagement efforts.
  5. Pray for Kara Kuhn (Cameroon) as she nurtures her family and engages with the Nizaa community.
  6. Pray for Ruthie Wagner (Sierra Leone) as she engages in translation work and guides her busy family.
  7. Pray for Annabelle Hilbert (missionary kid) as she grows in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.
  8. Pray for Rob Veith who is attending and presenting at the Global Consultation on Music and Missions conference in Kenya.
  9. Pray for strength and wisdom as Sarah Miller (missionary kid) starts student teaching this fall in her final year of college.
  10. Pray that God will give wisdom and patience to Rich Rudowske as he directs international programs at LBT and supports missionaries and staff in their work.
  11. Pray for God’s blessings on the Yala project (Nigeria) as Psalms is prepared for printing and Judges is checked this month.
  12. Pray for safety and grace-filled travels as the Grulke family (Botswana) do a lot of traveling this month.
  13. Pray for wisdom and guidance for Jim Kaiser as he works with the Zayse translation team in Ethiopia.
  14. Pray for clear headedness as Becky Grossmann (Liberia) and Tim Beckendorf (Botswana) work on their respective thesis projects for their Doctor of Ministry program.
  15. Pray for safe travels and great community engagement as the Kalanga New Testament is dedicated in Botswana.
  16. Pray that Katie Hogan (LBT home office) will have creativity and energy as she guides her busy family and helps LBT missionaries.
  17. Pray for the kids of LBT missionaries who are going away to college for the first time -Aletheia Grossmann and Leah Federwitz.
  18. Pray that God would bless the preparations and partnership development efforts of Andrew and Alexis Olson as they prepare for their first assignment in Tanzania.
  19. Praise God that the Gola New Testament (Liberia) is nearing completion, and pray that nothing will hinder or confound the final checking and preparations for its printing and use.
  20. Pray for missionary kids who are continuing their college education and are in the process of moving, starting classes, and reconnecting with friends – Katherine Rudowske, Nathan and Julia Federwitz, Karissa Esala, Sarah Miller.
  21. Pray for the newest Themne translator, Mr. S.B. (Sierra Leone), as he is trained in translation principles and software.
  22. Pray for the Ikwere team (Nigeria) who hope to have Psalms and Proverbs ready for printing in the near future.
  23. Pray that the Ikom cluster teams (Nigeria) will make good progress in their work.
  24. Praise God for the reduction of back pain and continue to pray for healing for Becky Grossmann (Liberia).
  25. Praise God for those who have expressed interest in serving with LBT, and pray for discernment as they decide how to serve God’s mission.
  26. Praise God for how texting in the Khwedam language has spurred a desire for literacy among the Khwe in Botswana.
  27. Pray for healing for Moses, translator with the Khwedam team in Botswana, who is having issues with his eye.
  28. Pray for Rachel Federwitz as she begins a new on-line school for high school.
  29. Pray for gracious and safe travels for the Beckendorf family (Botswana) who are beginning a short furlough in the U.S.
  30. Pray for Joel Miller (missionary kid) as he moves to California, finds a job, and starts a 9-month discipleship program.
  31. Praise God for the consulting, teaching, and mentoring that Michael Megahan is doing in Southern Africa to advance Bible translation.

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