Press Release: April 1, 2019

April 2019

  1. Pray for a strong finish for Becky Grossmann as she wraps up checking sessions in Liberia.
  2. Pray for Kelsey Grulke (Botswana), Linus Otronyi (Nigeria), and David Federwitz (Ghana) to have safe travels and good interactions and processing as they attend a Scripture engagement conference.
  3. Pray for a blessed Bible Translation Summit taking place in Tanzania April 4-5 that Jim Laesch and Rev. Oscar Lema are attending.
  4. Pray for health and stamina for families of missionaries who are “back home” when one of its members must travel for work.
  5. Pray that the efforts Rob Veith has given to strengthen Scripture engagement in Kosovo and Namibia will bear fruit.
  6. Pray for good health, strength, and protection as Martin and Joan Weber work with various translation projects in Cameroon to develop lectionaries of Old Testament Scriptures.
  7. Pray for the KOLIBITRAP team (Ghana) and Nathan Esala who are currently checking portions of the Old Testament.
  8. Pray for peace and stability in the countries where LBT works.
  9. Pray for a blessed time for Martin and Joan Weber (Cameroon) as they spend time with their son and his family this month.
  10. Pray for speaking opportunities and encouraging partnerships for Becky Grossmann as she shares about her ministry of Bible translation in Liberia during furlough.
  11. Pray for LBT missionaries working in a sensitive area in Southeast Asia as they work with their Scripture engagement team to develop new Sunday School curriculum using a Bible-storying approach to draft stories from Exodus.
  12. Praise God for a successful school term for the Grulke family (Botswana).
  13. Praise God for Tim Beckendorf’s (Botswana) healing thus far and pray for continued healing.
  14. Pray for wisdom for families on the mission field who are figuring out education plans for their kids.
  15. Pray that missionary kids will have meaningful friendships.
  16. Pray for mutual encouragement as David Snyder meets with financial and prayer partners in Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.
  17. Pray that Annaka Esala (MK) will be rooted and grounded in the deep love of Christ.
  18. Pray for the millions of people around the world waiting to hear the good news of Christ in a language that they can understand.
  19. Pray for safe travels and fruitful discussions for the Yala team as it works on some of the historical books of the Old Testament.
  20. Pray that Elliot Derricks will thrive as husband, father, friend, colleague, and missionary as he serves in Cameroon.
  21. Give thanks for the ministry of Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha, LBT international associate, who is teaching in the linguistics and translation department at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria.
  22. Pray for safe travels and good meetings (April 22-May 3) as the Yala translation team travels to Jos for checking sessions with Chuck Tessaro (Nigeria).
  23. Pray for progress to continue so that four lectionaries will be completed, printed, and dedicated this year in Cameroon.
  24. Pray for the plans being made for the Concordia Mission Institute taking place in July to provide education, connection, and spiritual renewal.
  25. Pray for Sarah Miller (MK) who is graduating and starting a M.A. program in TESOL. Pray she can find a job in the education field that will provide money to live and flexibility for her graduate studies.
  26. Pray that LBT’s board will make wise and thoughtful decisions as they meet together this weekend.
  27. Pray for wisdom for Jim Laesch as he guides and encourages the missionaries and Bible societies with which he works.
  28. Pray for the Kuhn family (Cameroon) as they begin furlough – for good adjustments, joy-filled reunions with family and friends, and mutually-encouraging connections with their partners.
  29. Pray for grace and wisdom for missionaries with aging parents who have health needs.
  30. Pray for opportunities for David Federwitz (Ghana) to be renewed in body, soul, and spirit as he manages a lot of responsibilities as regional director.

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