Press Release: July 20, 2015

Relocation – Where Did the Time Go?

Relocation_-_Dunsey_v01_WP_ratioHow can we have less than a month and a half left until the relocation officially happens?!  Where did the time go?!

That seems to be the general feeling around the office.  Time is flying by so quickly!

At the office, we’ve been sorting through all of the furniture and files to determine what can stay, what can go, what should be downsized, what should be digitized, etc. Just like living in a home for 30 years, we’re looking around and wondering how everything accumulated.  We have filled our dumpster every week for the last couple months to an overflowing capacity.  We have recycled old computer equipment, printers, obsolete publications and everything else that is no longer usable – by us or anyone else.

white dotsTo keep us organized on what should be moved to our new Concordia offices in August, we have been marking furniture and other items with white dot stickers, and everything without a white dot will be left behind. Since we are moving from nearly 20,000 square feet to 3,200 square feet, discernment and planning is essential. For the items left behind, we will seek other non-profits and churches who may be in need of those materials or furniture. Hopefully, these items will benefit others as they have benefitted us these many years.

The renovations are happening at full speed at our new office (check out pictures on our Facebook page), and we are still hoping for a completion date of mid-August. In the meantime, we have been blessed with a staging area next to our new office space to hold all of our furniture and equipment once it arrives. This will allow us time to move at a pace that is manageable while allowing us to continue to focus our attention on ministry and the work of Bible translation. The purpose of the move is to put LBT in a better position to carry on the work of Bible translation for those who do not yet have God’s Word.  This move will help us to do that, but in the meantime we pray – and ask for your prayers – that the moving process will not in any way hinder us from that very mission.

When our move is complete we will be more cost effective and God honoring in carrying out our ministry. Together, we will continue to serve the Lord in this important work.

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