God communicates to us through His Word. The Word heard and believed through the language of a person’s heart is transformational.

Lutheran Bible Translators partners with people groups who still do not have the Bible in their own language. Our vision: God’s Word for every language. Learn how you can be a part of it in long-term, international service!


Watch Scripture come alive!

  • Study God’s Word in the original languages
  • Learn local language and culture
  • Collaborate with local church on Scripture goals
  • Assist national colleagues to discover how to express truths through their God-given language and culture in a quality focused project
Vernacular Media

Bring Scripture into everyday life!

  • Study specialized audio and video production methods
  • Assess the needs of the community’s culture
  • Develop strategies with language programs
  • Mentor national colleagues in production skills
Missionary Kid Teacher

Share knowledge and inspire missionary kids!

  • Plan teaching strategy in collaboration with missionary family
  • Acquire cross cultural skills
  • Encourage a love for learning
  • Provide a link between your home culture and the third culture family you serve

Empower communities in accessing Scripture!

  • Study linguistics and literacy
  • Assist and train language program staff in assessing literacy needs
  • Demonstrate the value of literacy
  • Encourage and facilitate awareness and appreciation for the heart language
Information Technology

Meet technology needs of our missionaries and national colleagues!

  • Develop IT strategy with language program offices
  • Study cross cultural communication and teaching skills
  • Mentor national colleagues in IT skills development
  • Provide training in specialized software

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