Press Release: February 1, 2019

February 2019

  1. Pray for the marriages of LBT missionaries – the stressors of cross-cultural living and frequent travels often add strain to these relationships.
  2. Pray for peace in the region so the Yala team (Nigeria) can proceed with consultant checking now and again in mid-March.
  3. Pray for Susan Kaiser’s (Ethiopia) Amharic language learning – that less will “leak out of her brain” so she can have richer interactions with those she encounters every day.
  4. Pray for Eshinee Veith and Dr. Mike Rodewald as they participate in the CMCR conference in Ethiopia and as Eshinee works with Mekane Yesus Seminary on their course development for their Bible translation track.
  5. Pray for the Nizaa Christian community (Cameroon) and their efforts to compose songs using their translated Scriptures and Nizaa music.
  6. Pray for ethnomusicologist Chris Gassler who is coming alongside the Nizaa speakers this month to record the songs they have composed.
  7. Pray for good health, safety, renewed strength, and a closer walk with Jesus for Linus Otronyi and those he works with in Nigeria.
  8. Pray for perseverance and delight for JoyAnna Federwitz as she learns in school and discovers new interests.
  9. Pray for regional director Jim Laesch and missionary Michael Megahan who are in Tanzania celebrating the completion of the Kerewe Bible translation office.
  10. Pray for guidance for the students and teachers (including LBT’s Rev. Chuck Tessaro and Rev. Kierien Ayugha) in the Bible Translation Department at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria.
  11. Pray that the newly built Bible House in Cameroon will be a blessing for the translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement activities taking place there.
  12. Praise God for Gideon Kuhn (Cameroon) and the ways he is growing in Christ each day.
  13. Pray for peaceful elections in Nigeria (Feb. 16 and early March) and that the situation will be stable for Chuck Tessaro to meet with the Tarok translation team amid these voting times.
  14. Praise God for the 31 new Dan literacy teachers (Liberia) and 23 classes that are being held in that language group.
  15. Pray for engaged learning for those attending the Dan literacy classes (Liberia) so more people can read their Bibles.
  16. Pray for encouraging partnerships for Andrew and Alexis Olson as they continue to speak about their future ministry in Tanzania.
  17. Praise God for the ministry and mentorship that Michael Megahan has done in Bible translation, especially in southern Africa.
  18. Pray for creativity and wisdom for Rhoda Houge as she teaches Micah and JoyAnna Federwitz in Ghana.
  19. Pray for wisdom, good communication and the Spirit’s leading as Jim Kaiser (Ethiopia) checks New Testament revisions with the Konso team through the end of this month.
  20. Pray for peace in areas of Ethiopia experiencing ethnic conflicts and for the local Bible translators in those places.
  21. Pray for good vision casting as Emily Wilson connects with those attending Concordia University Chicago’s upcoming mission fair.
  22. Pray for Michael Ersland (Ghana) and Amy Formella (Sierra Leone) as they finish out their first term on the field while also lining up things for their upcoming furloughs in the U.S.
  23. Praise God for the generous donors who provided four computers that are being used by the Yala, Kukele, Mbe, and Obe translation teams (Nigeria).
  24. Pray for God’s wisdom as LBT partners in Ethiopia to expand Bible translation work.
  25. Pray that Rev. Linus Otronyi (Nigeria) will be granted a visa so he can attend a Scripture engagement workshop in the Netherlands in April.
  26. Praise God for the spunk and giftings of Aletheia Grossmann (missionary kid) and pray that God will direct her steps.
  27. Pray for the vision and work of LIBTRALO (Liberia) as LBT leaders join them for the consecration of their new building on March 2nd.
  28. Pray for the process of selecting and training a new translator for the KOLIBITRAP team (Ghana).

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