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Fascinating! That’s all I can think as staff and I go through the historical archives getting them ready for either digitizing or packing for another move. I was recently in the section of historical documents that accompanied the LBT offices when offices were...

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Did you know?: LBT partners with local churches and Bible agencies for our work. We met with Bible Society of Zambia (BSZ) leaders today to discuss placement for Michael in one of the new projects in Zambia being sponsored by LBT, BSZ, and Every Tribe Every Nation. We also got to see the typeset version of the soon to be published Nsenga NT! ... See MoreSee Less

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  • 22 Bible translations in process
  • 59 Scripture engagement programs
  • 4 language programs

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  • 7 million with access to completed Scriptures
  • 51 language groups
  • 15 countries

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key - red square Bible portions
key - green square Entire Bible
key - yellow square New Testament
key - orange square In progress
key - blue square No Bible portions

Prayer request: Ebola now affecting Lamin’s home village

Prayer request: Ebola now affecting Lamin’s home village

Today’s update is from TISLL’s program manager, Lamin Kargbo (pictured) who has previously helped distribute some of the funds from LBT donors.[/box] Click the small triangle just below to hear Lamin's message: “My village, Kadaloo...has been affected and the village has been quarantined, and the entire Tonko Limba chiefdom has been put on curfew order for 21 days”

Prayer & Praise Highlight:

September Prayer Calendar

Pray that Marshall Schultz will be blessed as he continues to participate in God’s mission at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Pray that Eden Federwitz and her whole house will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). Pray that the new teams in Liberia...
Missionary News:

They Came to Serve

Lutheran Bible Translators’ Missionaries Honored by US Kisi Community When civil war raged in Liberia from 1989-2003, its peoples searched for sanctuary. Some came to the United States. They gradually integrated into U.S. society but they also kept speaking their...
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