Press Release: October 24, 2013

Traveling by Michael & JoAnn Megahan

The Megahans have been traveling again. Recently we went to the Botswana towns of Kasane and Kavimba. These are

towns near Chobe National Park. Kasane is near the border with Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Kavimba is across

the Chobe River from Namibia (Caprivi Strip) and is the center of the Kuhane people group.

Although we spent an evening touring the park from the river, the reason for the trip was to be part of the planning to work with

the Kuhane on translating Scripture into their language. They invited us to come for the their annual cultural event – their fifth!

It is obvious that they have a great desire for the Bible (or at least portions of Scripture) in their own language. The guest speaker, a

representative from the government, encouraged the Bible agencies (that includes LBT) to start such a project. The town

counselors made an appeal to the people for money to start workshops for the project. Several retired pastors volunteered their time

to do the translation, at least in the beginning. Many of the Kuhane people have contacted me through e-mails

encouraging me to help.

To begin this effort, Michael and others will need to make several trips to Kavimba and the local villages (there are 45 villages on

the Botswana side and about as many on the Namibia side of the border). Each trip will be a minimum of 1,100 kilometers (almost

700 miles!) round-trip. Pray for a good vehicle and safe travel. Pray that God will give The Bible Society of Botswana, LBT and the

Kuhane direction on this potential partnership.

Michael and JoAnn Megahan are missionaries with LBT serving in Botswana.

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