Press Release: June 16, 2024

Prayer Calendar: June 16-22

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june 16

Thank God on the birthday of Sarah Rudowske, creative coordinator, for the design skills she uses to share God’s mission of Bible translation.

june 17

Pray for the Grulke family as they prepare for a short furlough to connect with prayer and financial supporters. (Botswana)

june 18

Pray for the selection of translators to form a team for the Eleme language program. (Nigeria)

june 19

Pray for leadership as they explore better ways to support program management with our partners.

june 20

Thank God for Jennifer Kunkel, executive assistant, and the commitment to the mission she brings to the office each day.

june 21

Pray the upcoming rainy season is moderate as past years have had flooding and the problems it causes. (Nigeria)

june 22

Pray graduates from Mekane Yesus Seminary (MYS) will be used by the Lord to advance Bible translation and Scripture engagement in Ethiopia.

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