The revised Yala New Testament with Psalms is available, and the team continues translating the Old Testament. Literacy classes and Scripture engagement programs provide tools needed to engage with Scripture, understand it better, and apply it.

Congregations often hear “on the fly” translations from English to Yala during services for the untranslated sections. It may be meaningless to those listening if the translation is too literal. The full translation process ensures the Old Testament will be accurate, beautiful, and clear.

“Reading from Yala is less demanding and more meaningful. There isn’t the task of struggling with the translation and interpretation.” Scripture and worship are becoming easier to understand. Literacy classes give confidence to lay leaders to read the New Testament in Yala.


Encourage more community involvement and participation in the use of Scripture materials.

Complete the drafting of 1 Chronicles.


Revised translation improves understanding of Scripture.

Lives are transformed as people interact with God’s Word through literacy and Scripture engagement tools.


Pray that God continues to work through the Yala Bible translation team members and the consultant checking to produce an accurate, clear translation of the Word.

Pray for Rev. Linus Otronyi as he manages the program locally and implements a strategy for sharing God’s Word in the Yala language community through literacy classes, Scripture listening groups, and audiovisual resources.

Pray that the attendees of literacy classes and Scripture listening groups will increase their participation, deepening their understanding and furthering their engagement with Scripture.

Help bring the Yala language community deeper access to Scripture in the language that speaks most deeply to their hearts. The area Christian churches anxiously await the arrival of the complete Bible (Old and New Testament) accompanied with increased literacy to give them the tools they need for personal spiritual enrichment as well as effective outreach to their people.

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