The Wayeyi people speak Shiyeyi, and they are eager to have Scripture in their language. Knowing that God speaks their language brings a new sense of dignity and self-worth to a people that has often been forgotten or ignored.

An important part of every translation project is community review – the community is asked if they can understand it. This helps the translation team make edits and adjustments that will ensure the completed manuscript is clear and accurate. Team review and community review of the Wayeyi New Testament is now underway.

The completed Gospel of Mark has been printed and distributed. Churches continue to request for bulk copies to distribute during their evangelism activities. An energized project advisory committee continues to encourage Scripture use in church and community life.


Typeset and print 2000 copies of the Gospel of Matthew.

Continue to team check the New Testament draft.


As the Wayeyi hear and read God’s Word in their language they feel valued and loved.

Seeing their language in writing encourages people to join literacy classes.


Pray that consultant checking of the New Testament will progress quickly.

Give praise for the passion and energy of the Wayeyi Advisory Council.

Pray for the translation team as they continue to work on the Old Testament.

The Wayeyi are a minority language community that has often been considered unimportant and insignificant. Now they have discovered that God loves and cares for all people. You can help provide them with Scripture and Bible materials that will encourage their spiritual growth.

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