Established in 1974, The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL) encourages and promotes the teaching of indigenous languages in religious institutions, schools and communities.

TISLL has been instrumental in the development of an extensive range of materials, including literacy primers, Scripture stories and history and health books. Literacy rates in Sierra Leone increased due to the classes offered by TISLL. Many of these newly literate people became volunteer literacy teachers, translators, or contribute in the development of supplementary reading materials.

An increasing number of people desire to gain literacy skills in order to be able to read Scripture in their own languages. It is a challenge for TISLL to provide technical and professional services in support of the many churches and multiple language programs serving these communities. Adequate funding will allow TISLL to offer practical support to language committee personnel seeking to increase the reach and impact of their literacy programs. Comprehension of God’s Word is enhanced, leading to deeper faith, as people gain the skill to read Scripture in their own languages.


Mentor language project personnel to help facilitate new literacy programs.

Mobilize language speakers to create sustainable programs within their communities, supporting local projects and the work of TISLL.


Literacy classes and activities are increasingly available under the umbrella of TISLL administration.

A literate population is growing in faith.


Pray for good communication as TISLL meets with language program personnel to offer technical and professional advice.

Pray that additional literacy classes will meet the needs of all those desiring to learn to read.

Pray that support for and participation in language projects within churches and language communities will grow at the local level.

The requests for literacy programs in Sierra Leone exceed the capability to provide them. Your gift will help TISLL assist language communities to meet this growing need.
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