Having Scripture in the language you understand best makes a huge difference. As an Nsenga speaker in Zambia explained, “I can read John 4:14 in another local language and know the word chitsema means ‘spring of water’. I can tell what Jesus is talking about. But when I hear the Nsenga word, nchera, then I can actually hear and taste and see the cool water coming out of the ground, and I feel it bubbling forth to give me life.” 

Since the dedication of the Nsenga New Testament in 2016, many people are using their own language in worship and prayer. Now the Nsenga translation team is working towards completion of the Old Testament. Having access to the Old Testament—which points us towards Christ—will provide the complete picture of God working throughout history. 

As translation progresses, distribution of Scripture in both print, audio and digital media will encourage people to continue the use of the Nsenga New Testament in the home and in local churches. A literacy program will be maintained and potentially expanded to accommodate those who wish to learn to read. 


Draft, check, and print Old Testament portions. 

Produce and distribute both New and Old Testament Scripture engagement materials.  


There is increasing usage of the Nsenga New Testament for individual and corporate worship. 

Faith strengthens as people learn the depth and scope of God’s promise to deliver us from the consequences of sin. 

Pray that more people will engage with Scripture as it becomes available in different formats and media.

Pray for perseverance and clarity of mind as the Nsenga team works through the many steps of the translation process.

Pray that understanding of the New Testament is enhanced as the Old Testament becomes available to the Nsenga language community.

The New Testament tells only part of the story. The Nsenga people are eager to learn how Gods plan for salvation was revealed throughout the ages. You can help put the Old Testament in their hands! 

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