Though the Loko New Testament has been available since 1983, many people remain illiterate. They are unable to read the Bible with understanding despite the number of churches around them.

Literacy and Scripture engagement programs will encourage people to interact with God’s Word using translated Scripture materials. This will allow even those who have been neglected or denied the right to education to understand the New Testament. Children will also be a focus of the program. Becoming literate in their mother tongue is a skill that will remain with them the rest of their lives. They will in turn be able to teach their children and instill their Christian faith in coming generations.

In addition to literacy classes, the program will promote the use of audio-visual Scripture materials and encourage the use of traditional songs and instruments for worship. A holistic approach to ministry will encourage and include people of all ages from all walks of life.


Enable people to interact with God’s Word in a language they understand.

Encourage people to participate in various learning and worship activities.


The literacy rate among the Loko people is increasing.

People are sharing Scripture with their children as they come to better understand God’s Word.


Pray that the Loko people are encouraged to learn to read and write their language.

Pray that faith is strengthened as people come to understand God’s Word.

Pray that programs and activities meet the needs of the whole Loko community.

Though the New Testament is available in the Loko language, many people remain unable to read. A multi-faceted Scripture engagement program will provide people with a variety of ways to read and understand God’s Word.

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