The DTA in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon (EELC) coordinates communications for Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement programs. DTA staff evaluates each program’s budget, assesses financial activities, and evaluates and responds to local literature centers’ needs. 

Current funding is not adequate to cover the expenses of the services needed. Additional training is needed for assisting projects and circulating translated Scripture. Phone apps and audio Scripture players will reach even more people. 

The work of the DTA is vital if the people of Cameroon are to grow in grace and knowledge of their Savior. The Scripture materials produced today will continue to be available for the benefit and education of generations to come. 


Equip staff to better support the needs of language programs.

Scripture materials become more widely available to language communities.


A well-equipped DTA staff provides excellent, highly effective service to language programs.

People continue to come to faith as Scripture materials in their languages become accessible.


Pray that DTA staff feel energized and motivated as they administer and assist translation and Scripture engagement programs.

Pray for effective planning, safe travels, and good communication as the DTA holds various workshops for staff and language program personnel.

Pray that God's Word will continue to impact language communities through translated Scripture.

The DTA has been coordinating the work of translation and literacy within the EELC since 1979. A growing church requires greater need for the skills and services the DTA administers on behalf of language programs and the people of Cameroon.
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