Lutheran Bible Translators partnered with the Bokyi Language Community in 2012 to encourage literacy and use of the Bokyi  Bible, the audio recording of the New Testament, and the Jesus Film. 

A literacy program is increasing the number of Bokyi who can read, write, and worship in their own language. The committee will also facilitate development of a Bible app. The upload of the Bokyi New Testament audio will make Scripture accessible to those who cannot yet read. They encourage community involvement and participation in Christian activities through a variety of projects. The dedicated committee provides Bokyi people with a variety of opportunities to engage with Scripture in their own language. 


Promote the use of literacy materials by holding literacy classes in 3 different areas.

Encourage Scripture Engagement by promoting the use of the Jesus Film, audio recordings, and other Scripture resources.


Literacy rates have increased among Bokyi speakers.

A variety of Bokyi language materials and programs provides multiple opportunities for engaging with God’s Word. 


Pray for the Bokyi Language Committee as they expand the literacy program.

Pray for successful development of a phone app and online Bible resources.

Pray that lives are transformed as Bokyi individuals and churches interact with Scripture in various formats.

Though the New Testament has been available in the Bokyi language for a number of years, Scripture engagement efforts have lagged behind. A multi-faceted Scripture engagement program will provide people with a variety of ways to connect with God’s Word. 

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