In 2011, eleven years after the Bandi New Testament dedication in Liberia, Rev. Amos Bolay, president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia, encountered Dr. Marshall Gillam, former executive director of Lutheran Bible Translators, at a speaking engagement. With a broad smile on his face, Rev. Bolay thanked Dr. Gillam and Lutheran Bible Translators for assisting the Bandi with the translation project.

The impact of having God’s Word in their language was motivating and inspiring. Translated Scripture fostered the growth of the church in the Bandi community. The Bandi literacy program has also continued to grow, becoming an example for other language projects in Liberia.

Now church leaders are calling for the revision of the New Testament and translation of the Old Testament so the Bandi will have the full account of God’s plan to read, study, and share. Pastors and evangelists will be able to preach from the Bandi Bible, instead of using the English Old Testament that they cannot understand very well. The church will continue to grow as more people have access to the full account of God’s plan for humankind.


Recruit and train three translators and begin translation.

Draft, review and check the books of Ruth and Jonah. Print and distribute 500 copies to churches, Bible study groups and literacy classes.


Church growth is increasing in Bandi communities.

People have greater appreciation of God’s plan as they read the full Bible.


Pray that the Bandi continue to grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

Pray that the Bandi community offers good feedback on translated Old Testament portions.

Pray for continued support from local churches.

God’s Word is already impacting the Bandi community through the New Testament. Pastors and church leaders are now eagerly waiting for the Old Testament to be completed so their people can learn the full story of God’s plan for His people.

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Bible translation costs vary based on the project. Operating expenses can vary in different parts of the world and for different portions of Scripture. Put God’s Word in their hands!

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$1,000 translates an average chapter

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