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The Dhirayta Old Testament Translation project is a life-changing initiative that brings the complete Bible to the Dhirayta-speaking community in Ethiopia.

Building upon the successful completion and distribution of the New Testament, this program has been making significant progress, with trial prints of foundational books like Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah already released.

As the team’s shift its focus to delivering the Old Testament, we are committed to ensuring that the Dhirayta language community has full access to Scripture in the language that speaks to their hearts. This endeavor not only helps to preserve their linguistic heritage but also promises to deepen faith and understanding by revealing God’s love in the most personal and meaningful way.

Dhirayta is spoken in the Omo region of Ethiopia, in the hills west of Lake Chamo, around the town of Gidole.

To continue this transformative work, we are launching a one-month fundraising campaign to meet this year’s funding goal of $63,580. Your generous support will empower local leaders in Ethiopia to translate the entire Bible into the Dhirayta language, making a lasting impact on generations to come.

By contributing to this campaign, you will be investing in the spiritual well-being of the Dhirayta people, bringing the entirety of God’s Word to their community.

As a donor, you have the power to make a tangible difference in the lives of the Dhirayta people. Your gift, no matter the size, will contribute to the completion of this vital project and help us reach our funding goal. Together, we can ensure that the Dhirayta community has access to the full richness of God’s Word, empowering them to build a stronger, faith-filled future.

Join us in this life-changing journey and help us bring the complete Bible to the Dhirayta people. Your generosity will leave a lasting legacy of faith and hope for generations to come.

Donate once today or consider a recurring monthly donation to become an integral part of this transformative mission.

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