The Obe people of northeast Cross River State in Nigeria received the print and audio version of the Gospel of Luke in 2018. “They were excited to receive God’s Word in their language,” said Rev. Linus Otronyi.

Rev. Otronyi mentors and encourages several language groups in Nigeria. He serves with the Obe Language Committee to promote Bible translation and Scripture engagement within the Obe community. 

Further translation has begun with the Gospels of Matthew and Mark. Scripture listening and reading groups make God’s Word accessible to the literate and those who cannot read. Screenings of the Jesus Film – the life of Christ based on the book of Luke – provides a visual depiction of our Savior as He speaks to the audience in Obe.

As God’s Word becomes more accessible, an increasing number of Obe speakers will have an opportunity to come to faith, grow in Christ and worship in their own language. 


Complete the drafting of Matthew and John.

Encourage people to use Scripture materials.


All Obe speakers have access to God’s Word.

An inspired Obe community supports and participates in the language project.


Pray for good health for the language committee and translators.

Pray for good progress as New Testament translation continues.

Pray that more Obe speakers participate in Bible activities and use Scripture materials.

The Obe community has had a taste of Scripture in their language. Now they’re ready for more! Your gifts will help this project thrive as people experience the joy of truly understanding God’s Word for the first time. 

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