Born into a family of farmers in Konosu, Esther Bundor had no opportunity for formal education. She later married a farmer, and the expectation was that she stay at home to care for her family. At times she felt discouraged, even ashamed, at her lack of education.    

Then a Kissi literacy class started near her home. Esther enrolled. She recognized the opportunity to finally receive the education she’d always wanted, which would equip her to read the Bible in her own language.   

Learning was difficult for Esther, but she persevered. She now serves as secretary for the local women’s club as well as the women’s organization in her church. Esther writes, “The Kissi literacy program has given me a sense of pride.”    

The primary goal of the Kissi literacy and Scripture engagement program is to promote God’s Word through literacy, translation, training, research, and service to God and man. Volunteer teachers and workers receive training through the program to help address the needs of people like Esther.   

Since 1999, 15 literacy classes have been established. As people become literate in their heart language, they have the capability to read the Word of God and claim it as their own. 


Develop new materials that will enhance the reading skills of both teachers and students.  

Train 20 new Kissi literacy teachers and refresh the skills of the 15 experienced teachers. 


God’s Word in Kissi is impacting hearts. 

Faith is built on a strong foundation as people read Scripture in their heart language.


Pray for funding to build offices to house the Kissi literacy program.

Pray that six new Bible reading groups will be established in local Kissi churches.

Pray that the use of the Kissi Bible will encourage the formation of new congregations within Kissi communities, bringing more people to Christ.

Help bring the Kissi language community deeper access to Scripture in the language that speaks most deeply to their hearts. Increased literacy can give them the tools they need for personal spiritual enrichment as well as effective outreach to their people.  

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