The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) continues to see tremendous growth, due in large part to an emphasis on Bible translation. But with new and proposed projects spread across the country – many in remote areas – there is need for greater coordination, supervision and support for language programs and personnel. 

In order to harmonize and facilitate the work, additional professional staff will be added to act as supervisors and advisors for projects. These individuals will require training, office space, office equipment and a reliable vehicle for travel to remote locations. The work of all translation staff will be overseen by the EECMY translation coordination office in Addis Ababa. 

People who have Scripture in a language they can understand are more likely to come to faith and maintain active participation in the Church. As the EECMY centrally coordinates translation work, more people will be reached through Scripture that clearly and accurately communicates God’s Word. 

Along with enhancements to current practices, the EECMY is in the process of developing a strategy that will integrate Bible translation, outreach and discipleship for the next ten years. 


Increase professional staff and centralize supervision of all translation programs to ensure accuracy and quality.

Develop 10-year translation strategy. 


Professional staff following detailed protocols produce accurate translations.

Translated Scripture clearly communicates God’s Word, impacting lives and growing the Church.


Pray that more Ethiopians come to faith as they receive Scripture in their languages.

Pray that new translation staff can effectively administer projects in multiple locations.

Pray for wisdom as the EECMY develops a long-term translation strategy.

Translation of the Bible into local languages is one of the major strategies of the EECMY’s mission outreach. A revamped centralized translation initiative will impact Ethiopian language communities for generations to come. 

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